Daniel is Professor of Sound Engineering at the "Zurich University of the Arts" and the "Jazzcampus Basel". 

He regularly holds lectures and gives master classes at various locations in Europe. 2019 he organized the "Sheer Pleasure of Sound", a large conference that he did together with Al Schmitt and George Massenburg.


Daniel is involved in many types of research projects and is in collaboration with several manufacturers of professional audio equipment on the development and quality of their products. 

A particular interesting research project is the EMPA Mycowood Violin project. The question: Do violins made of wood treated with fungus sound better than violins that were made with normal wood? 

Article written by Daniel for the architectural magazine "TEC21", about the art of sound engineering and how to create space in a mix:



Tutorials made by Daniel about the art of mixing:

MwD 2: Understanding Dynamics And Physical Integrity

Creating Depth and Space in a Mix

Automation in Pro Tools on a Song by Song basis