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Scoring Work

Daniel's productions have received a number of distinguished awards:

He received the “Silver Award” for an “especially excellent sound” from the “Jazz Critique Magazine" (Japan) for his recording of the Robert Lakatos CD “Never Let Me Go”.

The CD recording of “Eine Frau” with Jasmin Tabatabai was awarded the “Echo Jazz”.

Daniel’s Engineering skills can be also be heard on several Award-Winning Film Scores. These Films have earned Awards such as the “German Film Music Prize” (three times) and the “FOUNDATION SUISA Film Music Prize Switzerland” (four times). 

"Oh, I loved it!!" (George Massenburg after hearing the Oloid production)

"I listened to Zeitbloom on a very elaborated hi-fi high-end system yesterday. I must say, it truly sounds phenomenal and amazing! Big bow to the mastery of the sound engineer!"

(Matthias Winckelman, Ceo Enja Records)

"Your recording (Lisette Spinnler, "Falling Leaves"), compared to a recording of Diana Krall, was surprising to us, as nobody has ever heard a recording sounding as organic and we would not have thought that something like this would be possible. The extraordinary plasticity of the individual instruments and the acoustic space were just amazing. We all found that this way of recording and mixing is actually a new discipline."

(Walter Fähndrich, Switzerland)

"On a record dominated by wide and transparent atmospheres, "sound capture" is a crucial factor and "To the light" benefits from the superlative work of Daniel Dettwiller and his Idee und Klang Studio."

(Observador Magazine, Portugal)

"What a presence. Lisette Spinnler's voice is deep, warm and clear...And it is not only the tranquillity of the music that makes you to listen with great attentiveness. The recording itself contributes to this as well.

Rarely is the listener so close to the instruments. The sound sources. The brushes on the skins, the stick-tips and the sticks on the earthy cymbals. On the undampened skins of the enormous bass drum. On the fingerboard of the double bass. In the resonance chamber of the grand piano. On the singer's lips. Almost already at her vocal chords.

Sounds Between Falling Leaves brings fullness of sound in various dimensions and strong intensity. The effect of the small hut: little surface area. Little reverberation. Much closeness, intimacy, directness."

(Tom Semmler, High-res Mac)

"The sound of your Jasmin Tabatabai mix is amazing; huge low-end, very large, but still very open. Even though I don't plan recording jazz for myself, I consider it to be the sound reference for other productions ... "

(Grégory Lemoine, France)

"The realization is absolutely gorgeous and vocals and music blend together to form a real unity" 

(Dream Out Loud magazine)

"Eine Frau" has become a statement of the state of the art recording technique."

(Die Kopfhörer)

"Hats off, Mr. Dettwiler.“ Your mix is really impressive!. ... bass, piano, clarinet, orchestra ... the reverb you use, first class work, gorgeous!"

(Tobias Lehmann, Teldex, multiple Grammy Award winning engineer)

"Recorded without headphones, with the players in one room, in a circle,  facing each other - the "sound" is a factor in the success of this session. Warm, spontaneous, interactively virtuosic - it could be mistaken for one of the late-50’s/early-60’s Prestige Records sessions"

(American Review of Schlitten)

"The result was an album that leaves nothing more to be desired in terms of sound quality and is therefore recommended as a reference recording for all audiophile trade magazines."

(Manfred Gillig-Degrave)

"There is something very different about the end result (...) At the bottom may be an ECM sort of ambiance, but very original and extended.”
 (Gapplegate Music Review, Grego Applegate Edwards)

"This CD is so good that is used as a reference (1st track) when testing Marantz, Tannoy, KEF equipment (and also cables) in some of Budapest’s Hi-Fi studios. Guys, your music is great!!! Congratulations!"