Daniel mixes at his Idee und Klang Studio in Basel, which he founded in 2000. It is best known for the legendary Cadac G Console, which was originally located at the “Scorpio Sound Studio" London, and was used to record and mix hits for Queen and Supertramp. Mastering monitors from Strauss Elektroakustik and a top-notch selection of the finest outboard gear available makes this studio a place were great music can be created.

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Further more, Daniel holds the largest collection of vintage tube mics in country. These mics, such as five genuine Neumann M50's, M49's, several U47's (plus many more), have made a huge impact on the sound of his recordings.

"Wow, Wow, WOW!!!!! What a great place!!!

I will need to visit your studio, do you take outside projects/engineers?"

(Sylvia Massy, Sound Engineer - Prince, Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M.)

"I used that desk for more than just the Supertramp mixes. Let's see, Billy Cobham, Stanley Clarke and Jeff Beck. I loved that board." (Ken Scott, legendary Sound Engineer - The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Elton John)

"Checking out the incredible sound of a Cadac console and some Strauss superior monitors. Mindblowing how good it is.

Daniel's speakers are incredible - as is everything at his Studio "Idee und Klang". The Strauss monitors presented a beautiful, deep stereo-picture and fantastic tonal-shadings. An effortless sound where one forgets that there even is a loudspeaker."

(Hudson Fair, Grammy winning engineer, Chicago)

"I worked at "Scorpio Sound" as a freelance engineer at the end of the 1970's. Despite having engineered in well over 100 studios in the UK and elsewhere over the years, I've never ever worked on a board with a bigger and more organic sound... Having built the Trident A and B range boards, and engineered on a variety of vintage Neve and Helios boards, it's an honest comment!"

(Gwyn Mathias)


 "Those of us who recorded at Scorpio on this console (Steve ParkerBruce Gray and myself) absolutely loved it. I couldn't believe how big and organic it sounded in comparison to the Helios, Neve, and Trident consoles I had been used to recording on. It's wonderful that you've taken this classic console and refurbed it! I'm positive you'll cut great recordings with it!"

(Dennis Weinreich, Engineer - Supertramp, Jeff Beck)

"I think CADAC desks are the best-sounding signal chain that's ever been built. I don't think they've been topped yet for actual sonic quality. They were like no other desks in the world."  (Bill Price, legendary Recording Engineer - The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Guns N' Roses)