Kurt Rosenwinkel & Jean-Paul Brodbeck: The Chopin Project
Jasmin Tabatabai: Album "Jagd auf Rehe"
Jean-Paul Brodbeck: Solo Piano - Album-Teaser
Chiara Dubey
Anna Rossinelli
Jasmin Tabatabai: Album "Was sagt man zu den Menschen, wenn man traurig ist"
Oloid, Christian Zehnder & Gregor Hilbe
Jean Baptiste Müller: Claude Debussy: Images - Reflets dans l'eau
Kolsimcha and the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studio 1
Mixing Stefan Aeby Trio
Immigration Unit - Wasting Mornings
Making off "Selma" - Top stars sing poems by Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger
Composition for the Kinetic Sculpture, BMW Museum
About the Expo Shanghai project and the BMW museum's audiodesign