Daniel Dettwiler

Daniel Dettwiler was born in 1974 and lives near Basel with his family. He studied Audio-Design at the "Academy of Music", Basel, from 1996 until 2001. In 2002, he started his company “Idee und Klang Dettwiler” which developed into “Idee und Klang Studio”. Assembly of the most significant collection of historic microphones in Switzerland.
As a recording engineer, he is specialized in the production of acoustic music, especially jazz and film music. He has worked on productions with ECM, Herbert Grönemeyer, London Symphony Orchestra, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Pierre Favre, Niki Reiser, Ute Lemper, David Klein, WDR Big Band, Kolsimcha, Nils Wogram, Jasmin Tabatabai, Christian Zehnder, Mark Turner, Jorge Rossy and many more.
He is one of the most popular tonmeister for film music in Switzerland and Germany, and has executed numerous music productions for cinema, such as "The White Massai", "Das Blaue vom Himmel", "Huck Finn", "Heidi", and "The diary of Anne Frank". In addition, he often works on film scores as a pianist. 

In 2003, Daniel began giving lectures at Musikhochschule Basel (Applied Production Technique and Realisation) and, in 2018, became professor of Sound Engineering. He also teaches at the University of Arts in Zürich. Daniel is a regular presenter at conferences, e.g. AES, VDT and universities.
2019 he organized the "Sheer Pleasure of Sound", a large audio conference and seminar together with the iconic Al Schmitt and George Massenburg.

Daniel loves to develop special approaches for unique projects. Here are some notable examples.


Hear and find the greatest echoes at the Swiss alps. A project by Christian Zehnder. We researched the best solution to record those echoes in an audiophile approach. 


Daniel, together with Ramon De Marco, composed a fulminate music for the Magic Box Pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai, which was the world's largest 720° presentation at that time. 


A special opera and new music project by composer Beat Gysin. Daniel did binaural pre-recordings and produced them in a way that the audience, while listening on electrostatic Stax Headphones, could experience a soundscape never heard before. Finally, he mixed the show in real-time for the live audience. 


Daniel, together with Ramon De Marco, composed a series of special Jingles for several Swiss Radio Stations, such as SRF2, SRF3, Rendez-Vous, News and many more. 


The first project that Daniel created together with his colleague Ramon De Marco. For the BMW Museum in Munich, they composed a sound installation on a total of more than 600 Loudspeakers. 
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