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You are AMAZING! Very valuable information presented in ALL your videos I've seen. Anyone who's been mixing for any length of time will know the value of what these videos present... Thank you, Daniel!!
Daniel is a real master!!!!! Huge info there
Jan Aid
This stuff is hard to find, even in Puremix there’s little about reverb, leave alone with the gift you have for explaining. Michael Carnes have fantastic tutorials about this, but he isn’t as clear as you. Thanks for teaching the truth!

Great content. Just subbed. Thanks for your awesome videos 🙂
erand droory
This is the best reverb masterclass available on the internet!!!!!!!!. Your sensitivity when listening to those nuances is impressive.
Javier JanAid
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I've learned so much from you, thanks!
B Bihler
Dear Daniel, I can't find words to show you my gratitude for each and every one of your videos. I find it incredible that someone of your level, and surely very busy, would be so generous as to share your time and your incredible knowledge. Each of your videos is an authentic masterclass.
Youtube comment

... and boy oh boy, I learned so much more from this video than any of the other Videos's I've watched so far haha. Thank You for this!
Hermian official
Thank you, Daniel. Your teaching shows the difference between a professional engineer AND educator who wants to share all he knows compared to most other professional mixer who always holds something back (or who may not be a good teachers). Your analytical mind is great. Awesome!
Bruno Bb 
After watching 5 min of this video, I felt, that Daniel is a great engineer with solid teaching skills, thank you, Sir, for clearing these topics, It's very helpful.....
Ankit Srivastava

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