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Learn how and what to listen for in a mix. Develop your own taste and get your mixing skills to the next level. 
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Learn how and what to listen for in a mix. Develop your own taste and get your mixing skills to the next level. 

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Lesson series

Get your mixing skills to the next level!

There are many good mixing engineers out there, but few can really explain the mystery behind a truly convincing mix. This course covers the fundamental basic parameters of an assertive mix.
No Start-To-End Tutorial

Gain in-depth knowledge

10 hours


Masterclass for

All levels

Beginner, Advanced & Pro
2 PDFs

Included with the course

Hi and welcome to my mixing series:

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Get to the next level


"Your mixing won't get any better, if you're not able to properly analyze sound!"
Spectral Balance

How to use the EQs


How to get physical integrity


How to set up reverbs

Develop your listening skills and your personal taste

Learn the basic paradigms of mixing — which may be revealed in this way for the first time ever. 

Analytical Listening

Learn and understand the basic tools of how to listen to and analyze music.

Develop own taste

Learning the basics is one thing, establishing your own taste is what will define you.


Learn and benefit from 25 years of our additional experience as university professor.

1:1 Sessions

Still got questions? If time allows, you can book a personal one on one coaching session with me.
kind words by students

Course reviews

I now have a clear understanding on what to listen in a mix... which is supposed to be the basics, but that is also the most overlooked stuff. […] For people tempted to get involved, [this course] is really about listening, trying to master inner sonic sensations... And that was super refreshing. 
Maxime Ferrieu
Thanks to Daniel's method, […] my approach to mixing has become so much more efficient and purposeful! Every young (or less young) mixing engineer and musician should take this course, it will give them a very solid basis on which to keep building.
Bernhard Duc
Easily one of the best mixing/engineer lessons I've watched so far. What makes this course stand out is the clearly structured concept to analyze music, It not only changed the way I listen to mixes, but also how I approach mixing tutorials. It tremendously helped me improve the quality of my current mixes.
Aron Back

Topics covered in the Course

What's included?

Meet your instructor

Daniel Dettwiler

Daniel is a world-class recording and mixing engineer with over 30 years of experience and clients all over the world. His areas of specialization include acoustic music genres such as jazz (big and small) as well as pop, orchestral and film music.

Here's a selection of productions he's worked on: ECM, Herbert Grönemeyer, London Symphony Orchestra, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Pierre Favre, Niki Reiser, Ute Lemper, David Klein, WDR Big Band, Kolsimcha, Nils Wogram, Jasmin Tabatabai, Christian Zehnder, Mark Turner, Jorge Rossy and many more.
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What top engineer's think about Daniel's work

Daniel is one of the top engineers on the planet. Incredible ears on top of being one of the nicest guys you will ever happen to meet. Much respect!
— Casey Dowdell | Bricasti
This stuff sounds wonderful! So big and open. Her voice sounds amazing […] and the cymbals are just stunning, effortless airy brightness. Wonderful work.
— Eric Valentine | Queens of the Stone Age
I was deeply impressed by the clarity of the voice, the depth of field, and just the quality of the recording itself very much! You are an outstanding sound engineer!
— Al Schmitt
Get started today

Transform your personal listening and mixing skills.

   Testimonials About Daniel's Teaching

WOWWWW... Thanks to heaven that I discovered your channel… You are a gem, Daniel... God bless you … Best wishes from India !!
— Suchit Puthalat
Dear Daniel, I can't find words to show you my gratitude for each and every one of your videos. Each of your videos is an authentic masterclass.
— Youtube comment
... and boy oh boy, I learned so much more from this video than any of the other Videos's I've watched so far haha. Thank You for this!
— Hermian official
You are AMAZING! Very valuable information! Anyone who's been mixing for any length of time will know the value of your videos... Thanks! 
— Boo bo
I've learned so much from you, thanks!
— B Bihler
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Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Does your teaching work for all kind of genres?

Yes! The basic paradigms of mixing can be applied to any kind of music genre. However, with my expertise in mixing jazz, pop, orchestral and film music, you will mostly hear examples from these genres. 

What is the time commitment?

The course duration is approx. 10 hours. However, if you seriously want to study everything, practice, and invest some time in reflection, I recommend planning more time :-)

Are their any requirements?

We recommend a basic knowledge of music mixing with a general understanding of equalizers, compressors and reverbs. Ideally, you've already mixed a few songs, but you feel stuck and want to get your sound to the next level. You should have a decent pair of monitors or headphones. 

How do I access the course, and can I download it, or is it online only?

You access the course over this site. Just bookmark it. It's not possible to download the course, so you must have an internet connection. This is due to restrictions of the video provider. 

How long do I get access to the course materials?

You'll purchase a lifetime access to this course. 

Where was the course recorded?

The course is based on a masterclass held during the Covid pandemic in 2021 at Idee und Klang Studio, Basel, Switzerland. As only a few students were allowed in the same room, we professionally filmed the lectures in 4K and created the Bible. 

Can I book a 1:1 session with Daniel?

1:1 Sessions may be available, but depend on Daniel's schedule. It's required that you have successfully worked through the Mixing Bible, since further teaching is based upon it. Get in touch via hello@danieldettwiler.com for more information. The current rate is €250 for an 1-hour session. 

What is different in your Mixing Bible compared to the free YouTube classes?

The Mixing Bible dives way deeper into the art of mixing than the free teaching on my YouTube channel. It builds upon a clear educational concept and explains the philosophy behind a convincing mix in much more detail. You'll learn how to analyze a mix, the three criteria to look out for with the help of a diverse mix of examples. The course not only lays out the foundation for your further mixing career, but also upcoming courses.

In the free YouTube Turtorials, there is far less preparation and most of the topics are just covered at the surface.

In short: if you just want learn some basic tricks, YouTube will be sufficient for you. If you really want to get your skills to the next level, the paid class is what you need. 

How does your teaching differentiate from other teachers?

I wish I had time to check, what other teachers are doing :-) I am sure there is great stuff out there. What differentiates me, might be, that I had the luck to mix absolutely magical productions by great artists, but I also started teaching at a young age. So I gained a lot or experience to explain, what basically is unexplainable (I mean, what is a great mix really?). Most student say, my explanations are very understandable and in a way that they have never heard of before. And that it helped them, to understand things that they have not understood before. At the end, there is more, than just "Tips and Tricks" to learn. 

I already have a puremix subscription, shall I cancel it, if I got the Bible?

No! They have nothing in common. Pure Mix is great if you want to have access to a lot of videos and information, and manly it can be an inspiration to see so many top Engineers at one place. To watch how they work, and you get some tips and tricks. My course is a dedicated mixing learning experience with a concept. Maybe a comment given to one of my free videos is explaining the difference. If the YouTube comment is already so strong, how good must then the Bible be? :-)
"... This stuff is hard to find, even in Puremix there’s little about reverbs, leave alone with the gift you have for explaining. Michael Carnes have fantastic tutorials about this, but he isn’t as clear as you. Thanks for teaching the truth!" (Andrei Martinez Agras)
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