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Daniel's Mixing Bible

There are many good mixing engineers, but few can really explain the mystery behind a truly convincing mix or what the basic parameters of an assertive mix are. 
In this course (approx. 10h in total) you will learn how to divide sound into clearly definable parameters, how to work on these parameters to get a great mix. And we'll talk straight up and relentlessly about what a "good" mix is and how to distinguish it from a bad mix. 
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For who is this course?

This course is for anyone, be it a musician who also mixes or a sound engineer who really wants to get ahead in the mixing field. It is for anyone realizing that despite they're working with common tools like EQ, compressors and reverb, their mixes don't have the same punch, the same size and depth nor the same elegance as the great mixes. 
This course is building the fundament for Daniel's following masterclasses. What is special in this course is that the parameter "sound" is broken down into clearly definable and analyzable categories and some of the so-called "mixing mysteries" are demystified. After all, to become an excellent mixing engineer, you really need to "understand" what it's all about. This understanding also requires a philosophical engagement with the subject matter. 

About the course

This masterclass was held during the Covid pandemic. Due to the restrictions only a few participants attended, therefore this course was recorded professionally and in 4K. 
You should not be an absolute beginner and should have at least basic knowledge of mixing, equalizers, compressors and reverb. You have already mixed a few songs yourself, but are not getting the sound to the next level. 
In this course, you will also learn the basic paradigms of mixing - which may be revealed in this way for the first time ever. 

AND:  All examples in this course are done "In the Box". 
Total Duration: about 10 hours.

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WOWWWW... Thanks to heaven that I discovered your channel… You are a gem, Daniel... God bless you … Best wishes from India !!
Suchit Puthalat
Dear Daniel, I can't find words to show you my gratitude for each and every one of your videos. Each of your videos is an authentic masterclass.
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... and boy oh boy, I learned so much more from this video than any of the other Videos's I've watched so far haha. Thank You for this!
Hermian official
You are AMAZING! Very valuable information! Anyone who's been mixing for any length of time will know the value of your videos... Thanks! 
Boo bo
I've learned so much from you, thanks!
B Bihler
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