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All you need to know about the Equalization Prozess to get the spectral Balance right
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     testimonials on daniel's free one hour youtube tutorial about EQ:
This video contains more useful information and explanation than the hundreds of others I have watched on You Tube!  And it shows the power of being informed by a professional that really knows his subject. Thanks Daniel.

Very interesting comparison! As a bassist, I do prefer the mix with EQ as it brings out more of the attack and woody tone... but it really makes us think twice about using a bunch of plugins
Danny Ziemann
Extremely helpful and entertaining education video! thanx a lot for making these vids! I really enjoyed watching this a lot! 
Wow, what a demonstration of musical competence, listening skills and knowledge!!
I am deeply impressed! And I have learned a lot! (hopefully;-)
Holger Dehnhardt
This is gold, man! Thanks!! From Brazil!!
Rafael Elfe
Love your channnel mate - what a job! One day for me I hope 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Groovy Guitars
Lesson series

Master Equalization and Spectral balance

Getting the spectral balance perfectly right is one of the key skills you have to master on the way to become a professional sound engineer. But it's much more difficult than you might think, and the true reason for this is that our brains automatically filter out interfering resonances. But how then are we going to find these frequencies? Because if they remain in the mix, they will interfere with other instruments and on an emotional level we won't like the mix because all the ingredients will be fighting against each other rather than beautifully connecting with each other. After having corrected interfering frequencies, it's then all about using the EQ in a constructive way as an artistic tool to make the mix interesting and exciting, and last but not least, we can even influence the depth of field with the EQ.
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