Real-Life Mix Revelations

Acoustic Music Mix Revelation feat. Pablo Held Trio

Gain exclusive access to a high-quality jazz trio mixing session, where Daniel demonstrates a versatile mix of digital and analog mixing techniques. 

Master Acoustic Music Mixing: A Digital and Analog Odyssey

Unlock the secrets to mixing jazz trio music with a hands-on masterclass that bridges the gap between digital precision and analog warmth. Learn from an actual session and discover the depth and dynamics that define exceptional jazz mixing.
What makes this course special?

Authentic hands-on mixing session

Course Duration

3.5h of in-depth practice

Masterclass for

Intermediate level or highter 



Introductory Price

Recording Setup

  • Professional jazz trio recording setup
  • All musicians were recorded performing in the same room
  • The session was recorded at the Jazzcampus in Basel, Switzerland
Learn more about the Pablo Held Trio on his personal website.
Elevate your mixing skills


Immerse yourself in the intricate process of mixing acoustic music, where every note and nuance matters.

This course offers a deep dive into both the technical and creative aspects of mixing, emphasizing the unique challenges and opportunities of working with a jazz trio.
Hands-on Experience

Practical mixing of a high-quality recording

both analog & Digital techniques

Develop a versatile mixing approach

In-Depth Knowledge

Gain jazz-specific mixing expertise

What makes this course unique

Embrace the opportunity to learn acoustic music mixing from a authentic session with top-notch microphones and equipment, providing real-world practical insights you won't find in any other course.

Real-World Application

See and understand what you've learned in theory applied in real-world mixing projects.

Digital & Analog Mastery

Navigate the subtleties of mixing in both realms to create dynamic, engaging mixes.

Expert techniques

Get exclusive access to Daniel’s mixing approaches — going beyond traditional mixing tutorials.

Community & Feedback

Join a supportive community of peers, with opportunities for feedback from fellow students.

Topics covered in the Course

What's included?

Meet your instructor

Daniel Dettwiler

Daniel is a world-class recording and mixing engineer with over 30 years of experience and clients all over the world. His areas of specialization include acoustic music genres such as jazz (big and small) as well as pop, orchestral and film music.

Here's a selection of productions he's worked on: ECM, Brad Mehldau, Herbert Grönemeyer, London Symphony Orchestra, Chris Cheek, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Pierre Favre, Niki Reiser, Ute Lemper, David Klein, WDR Big Band, Kolsimcha, Nils Wogram, Jasmin Tabatabai, Christian Zehnder, Mark Turner, Jorge Rossy and many more.
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What top engineer's think about Daniel's work

I was deeply impressed by the clarity of the voice, the depth of field, and just the quality of the recording itself very much! You are an outstanding sound engineer!
— Al Schmitt
Daniel is one of the top engineers on the planet. Incredible ears on top of being one of the nicest guys you will ever happen to meet. Much respect!
— Casey Dowdell | Bricasti
This stuff sounds wonderful! So big and open. Her voice sounds amazing […] and the cymbals are just stunning, effortless airy brightness. Wonderful work.
— Eric Valentine | Queens of the Stone Age
Transform your mixing approach

Dive straight into a real-world acoustic music mixing session and gather in-depth insights into hybrid mixing techniques.

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30 years

of experience

20,000+ h

watch time


recording projects


views on YouTube

Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Does your teaching work for all kind of genres?

In short: YES!
In this masterclass we will be mixing a jazz trio, but even if you are mixing pop or other genres, you can benefit from this masterclass as all the techniques are valid for other genres as well. Mixing acoustic instruments in a nice way is kind of the king's discipline, because you want to keep the quality that is already there in the recording, but you still have to enhance it. This is often more difficult than mixing instruments in a pop song, where you can always create something new. 

I am a beginner. Is this the right course for me?

I will be going into great detail about the various aspects of mixing. However, I assume that you already have some experience with tools such as EQ, compressors, or reverb, as well as some knowledge of automation. If you are a beginner, you may still find value in this course, but I will not cover the basics of the tools we use.

Will analog outboard be used, or plugins?

We mix the song once in the analog domain and once in the digital domain. In the digital mix, I use only plug-ins, except for the reverb, which in this session was just the Bricasti M7 reverb digitally connected to ProTools. For the analog mix, I used both, plug-ins and, of course, a variety of analog outboard gear. I also used other reverbs, including the Lexicon 480, 960, and again the Bricasti.

Does this course still make sense if I only mix in the box?

Sure. For one thing, we mix the song twice, once analog and once all digital. With each mix you can generally decide if you want a more euphonic, processed sound or if you want to go in a more natural direction. This is independent of the system you're mixing on. For the analog mix, I went for a more processed sound. For the digital version, I went for a more natural sound. If you only mix digitally and want a more euphonic sound, you can transfer what I do in the analog domain almost 1:1 to the digital domain, for example by working with emulated plug-ins. 
However, it might also be interesting for you to see if it might be beneficial to invest in some analog outboard gear or not. Many mixers who have gone from analog mixing to ITB have taken at least one step back by adding some analog outboard gear to the busses or mix bus. There is no right or wrong these days, just pros and cons. 

Do I need any special software or hardware equipment to take the course?

The course is designed to be software- & hardware agnostic, so you can apply the principles regardless of the tools you use.You should have accurate monitors or at least decent headphones.

What is the difference between your Bibles and the videos in this Revelation Series?

When you are on your way to becoming a professional, there are always two important aspects: theory and practice. In my teaching, I strongly advocate not mixing these two aspects too drastically. Instead, I have created the Bibles for conceptual learning. After going through the Bibles, you will have a much better understanding of the subjects and gain deep knowledge. I add only as many practical examples as necessary to understand the ideas and concepts. Then it is up to you to take what you have learned and apply it.
On the other hand, the Revelation series is built around contextual learning. In this series, we actively engage in tasks, deal with real-world problems, and basically mix a song from start to finish. So the Revelation series is hands-on. You learn by observing what I do, and theoretical explanations are kept to a minimum.
I would recommend starting with the Mixing Bible. Then, depending on your personal preference, you can start with some practical videos from the Revelation series, or you can move on to another Bible, either is good.
On the other hand, if you're more of a hands-on type and want to start with a practical course to see how I work and what I can teach you, then you can certainly start with a course from the Revelation series, like this one:-)

What is the time commitment?

If you were to watch all the videos and read the numerous text files once, it would take at least 5 to 7 hours. However, I strongly recommend that you delve deeper into the content, pause the videos from time to time, and actively experiment with what you have learned on your own. 

How do I access the course, and can I download it, or is it online only?

You access the course over this site. Just bookmark it. It's not possible to download the course, so you must have an internet connection. This is due to restrictions of the video provider. 

What brand is the fantastic-looking console you are using?

It's the CADAC G Recording Console installed at Scorpio Sound Studio, London in 1974. This console was used to produce Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. The CADAC G series is known as one of the best sounding consoles in the world, especially for jazz.

How long do I get access to the course materials?

You'll purchase a lifetime access to this course. 

Where was the course recorded?

At Daniel's luxurious Idee und Klang Studio Himmelried.

What is the difference between your paid classes and your free videos on YouTube?

While the YouTube lesson offers a glimpse of some tips and tricks along with a sneak preview of some theory, it's impossible to comprehensively explain the paradigms of the vast topics of sound engineering in these short videos. The paid courses provide a uniquely tailored learning experience that takes you further in your understanding. While YouTube videos can provide inspiration, they fall short of providing a true education and substantial knowledge gain.

Why are you the right teacher for this topic?

Acoustic music mixing is my absolute specialty and I've been doing it for over 30 years. But because I've also been teaching audio engineering at two universities for more than 20 years, I've found ways to explain these challenging topics in a way that students can understand. This combination is rare.

I already have a MWTM subscription, shall I cancel it, if I got your courses?

No! They have nothing in common. MWTM (or also Pure Mix) is great if you want to have access to a lot of videos and information. And it can be an inspiration to see so many top Engineers at one place, to watch how they work, and you get some tips and tricks. My courses are dedicated mixing learning experiences with a concept. This comment from a Mixing Bible user sums it up:
"After two decades of mixing experience, I found myself yearning for a profound insight into the essence of crafting an exceptional mix. My quest for enlightenment led me through various courses, including MWTM, but alas, they fell short. Then, I stumbled upon your online courses – a game-changer! Thanks for revolutionizing my approach to mixing!"

Can I expect start-to-finish mix examples in the course?

Yes, unlike the Bibles, we do start-to-finish mixes in the Revelations courses!

Are there accompanying written documents with the course?

Yes, many of the lessons have accompanying text documents that provide reviews and even more in-depth information to enhance your understanding.

How can I interact with other learners or seek guidance from Daniel?

Join the user group to post questions and participate in discussions. In addition, one-on-one meetings with Daniel can be arranged at CHF 250 per hour.

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with the course?

There is no refund policy. However, the first lesson is free of charge so that you can try out the content of the course and see if you like my way of teaching before you make a decision. In fact, since I have been in the online course business, I have not received a single e-mail from a user asking for a refund :-) 
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