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Take your mixing skills to the next level

The Ultimate Reverb MasterClass

Getting a great depth of field and dimension in the mix is one of the most important elements in mixing. Learn how to get this important skill to work for you!

     testimonials on daniel's free one hour youtube tutorial about Reverb:
Maybe the most underrated video in the audio engineer world. Amazing job! Thanks! :)
Niclas Gustafsson
Truly amazing videos! Your channel is a goldmine! I especially love how in depth you're going with these... Looking forward to more MwD!
Danny Ziemann
I have been searching for hours to find a video about creating Depth of Field. This is the best video I have ever seen concerning this topic! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing and profound knowledge!
Stanley Schwab
Hey Daniel. Fantastic indepth video with great explaination and examples. So important to know on what exactely to focus when changing parameters. Such things are so rare on YT as most people don't highlight those points enough. 

Best reverb tutorial. By far. Thank you
Eric Skye
Thank you Daniel 
For such wonderful informative session
Abel Hopson
Lesson series

Master Reverbs and get a large Depth of Field

All great mixes from 1950 to today have one thing in common: behind the speakers, in an almost magical way, a space opens up. You no longer hear the speakers, but the sound space behind the speakers. 
Are you able to place vocals up front, but still give them a decent amount of reverb? Do you have problems to place the snare right behind the voice, but still well in front, in a punchy manner, but still with the suitable reverb in the mix? Can you get whatever instruments you want to be in the back to be there without pummeling them with cheesy reverb? Do you have trouble placing all the ingredients of a mix in such a way that they don't fight against each other? In other words, so that each instrument has its own place in the mix? Because one of the most important rules in making a great mix, even though you might not have heard it before, is that no instrument may take the spot of any other instrument. In a live concert, is it possible for the guitarist to play in the piano? No, not at all. This master class explains all aspects in the field of dimension using clear concepts, clear explanations and detailed explanations. 
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110 hours in total

Text material

382 pages


24 challenges


3 Certificates
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