Reverb Bible: Master the Art of Reverb in Audio Production

Dive deep into the sonic depth of field with our
Reverb Bible Masterclass.

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Lesson series

Master Reverb &  Large Depth of Field

No great mix without great depth of field. Whether we listen to old jazz recordings or the likes of Coldplay, Beck and Michael Jackson, the magic behind the speakers is always achieved through truly excellent depth staging. 

What makes our course different?

Learn both the art and the science

Course Duration

10+ hours

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Intermediate level or higher

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Intermediate Course

Hi and welcome to my reverb series:

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Achieving virtual depth behind the speakers is one of the most important secrets of a great mix. 

This course offers a distinctive approach:

A contextual learning experience unlike traditional reverb courses that goes beyond the basic techniques and delves into the art of creating reverb to truly transform your mixes. 
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Course reviews

Daniel’s reverb bible course was the answer to a question I’d been thinking about ever since I started mixing: how to create a truly three-dimensional mix, not just with width, but with depth. Daniel’s instruction unlocked the magic of reverbs for me and showed me how to create the kind of spacious mixes I hear on all of my favorite songs.
David Payette
(New York)
Not only is Daniel Dettwiler a world-class sound engineer, he's also a fantastic teacher. This is the best course ever on reverb! Information, tools and tips that you won't find anywhere else. It's clear, precise, detailed, in a word: amazing!
Christel Schlüchter
Daniel's 'Reverb Bible' course unlocked the secret to how to make my mixes sound big. It’s amazing how the right knowledge about how reverbs really work can make something technical so much easier to understand. If you’re ready to make your mixes sound 3D, this is the course for you
Zech Allen
(New York)

Foundation of Spacial Depth

Practical Applications

How to apply reverb

Advanced Concepts

Excellence in reverb design

Why Choose This Course?

Learn why a great reverb design is essential for achieving an outstanding mix. Understand the intricacies of reverb, its impact on your overall sound and the critical role it plays in music production.

Conceptual Learning

Holistic learning combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience in a unique way.

Contextual Application

Discover the nuanced use cases of reverb that helps enhance various genres or specific musical elements.

Expert Guidance

Receive guidance from a leading reverb designer that goes beyond traditional mixing tutorials.

Quizzes & Repetition

Test your knowledge and reinforce the concepts with supplementary materials.

Topics covered in the Course

What's included?

Meet your instructor

Daniel Dettwiler

Daniel is a world-class recording and mixing engineer with over 30 years of experience and clients all over the world. His areas of specialization include acoustic music genres such as jazz (big and small) as well as pop, orchestral and film music.

Here's a selection of productions he's worked on: ECM, Herbert Grönemeyer, London Symphony Orchestra, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Pierre Favre, Niki Reiser, Ute Lemper, David Klein, WDR Big Band, Kolsimcha, Nils Wogram, Jasmin Tabatabai, Christian Zehnder, Mark Turner, Jorge Rossy and many more.
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What top engineer's think about Daniel's work

I was deeply impressed by the clarity of the voice, the depth of field, and just the quality of the recording itself very much! You are an outstanding sound engineer!
— Al Schmitt
Daniel is one of the top engineers on the planet. Incredible ears on top of being one of the nicest guys you will ever happen to meet. Much respect!
— Casey Dowdell | Bricasti
This stuff sounds wonderful! So big and open. Her voice sounds amazing […] and the cymbals are just stunning, effortless airy brightness. Wonderful work.
— Eric Valentine | Queens of the Stone Age
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Master reverb with a distinctive approach: a contextual learning experience going beyond traditional courses.

     testimonials on daniel's free one hour youtube tutorial about Reverb:
Maybe the most underrated video in the audio engineer world. Amazing job! Thanks! :)
Niclas Gustafsson
Truly amazing videos! Your channel is a goldmine! I especially love how in depth you're going with these... Looking forward to more MwD!
Danny Ziemann
I have been searching for hours to find a video about creating Depth of Field. This is the best video I have ever seen concerning this topic! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing and profound knowledge!
Stanley Schwab
Hey Daniel. Fantastic indepth video with great explaination and examples. So important to know on what exactely to focus when changing parameters. Such things are so rare on YT as most people don't highlight those points enough. 

Best reverb tutorial. By far. Thank you
Eric Skye
Thank you Daniel 
For such wonderful informative session
Abel Hopson
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Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Does your teaching work for all kind of genres?

In short: YES!
In the Reverb Bible, I provide detailed examples using two pop projects, one jazz project, and one folk music project. However, my focus on contextual learning means that understanding why we create depth and how to achieve it remains relevant regardless of genre. These techniques aren't limited to specific styles of music; you can apply them across genres and even to scoring or classical pieces.

What is the time commitment?

If you were to watch all the videos and read the numerous text files once, it would take at least 10 to 12 hours. However, I strongly recommend that you delve deeper into the content, pause the videos from time to time, and actively experiment with what you have learned on your own. 

I am a beginner. Is this the right course for me?

It's important to note that this course is not designed for beginners. It's for intermediate or advanced mixers. Essentially, if you've already mixed songs and used reverbs, but are struggling to achieve exceptional staging or depth of field, then this course is for you. However, if you're a beginner with a serious interest, feel free to give it a try. Just be aware that you may need additional time to research certain topics that I explain and you may not be able to follow right away.

Will outboard reverbs be used, or plugins?

For this course, I used only plug-in reverbs, since most engineers today work "in the box".

Do I need specific software or equipment for the course?

The course is designed to be software-agnostic, so you can apply the principles regardless of the tools you use.You should have accurate monitors or at least decent headphones.

How do I access the course, and can I download it, or is it online only?

You access the course over this site. Just bookmark it. It's not possible to download the course, so you must have an internet connection. This is due to restrictions of the video provider. 

How long do I get access to the course materials?

You'll purchase a lifetime access to this course. 

Where was the course recorded?

At Daniel's luxurious Idee und Klang Studio Himmelried.

What is different in your Reverb Bible compared to the free Reverb Video in YouTube?

Although the YouTube lesson demonstrates a few tricks for achieving depth, it's impossible to explain the paradigms of the vast topic of depth of field in its short 50 minutes. The Reverb Bible, on the other hand, is like a deep dive into depth of field, staging, localization, and reverb design, unraveling the mystery of how to create the virtual space behind the speakers.

Why are you the right teacher for this topic?

Mixing with remarkable 'depth of field' is my absolute specialty. But because I'm also teaching audio engineering at two universities, I've found ways to explain these challenging topics in a way that students can understand. This combination is rare.

I already have a puremix subscription, shall I cancel it, if I got your courses?

No! They have nothing in common. Pure Mix is great if you want to have access to a lot of videos and information. And it can be an inspiration to see so many top Engineers at one place, to watch how they work, and you get some tips and tricks. My courses are dedicated mixing learning experiences with a concept. Maybe a comment given to one of my free videos is explaining the difference. If the YouTube comment is already so strong, how good must then the Bible be? :-)
"... This stuff is hard to find, even in Puremix there’s little about reverbs, leave alone with the gift you have for explaining. Michael Carnes have fantastic tutorials about this, but he isn’t as clear as you. Thanks for teaching the truth!" (Andrei Martinez Agras)

Can I expect start-to-finish mix examples in the course?

No, the course doesn't focus on full mix examples. Instead, it delves into the mysteries of depth of field and various techniques for creating and managing it effectively. However, there are many practical examples. At the end you will understand, why you need depth and how to create it. 

Are there accompanying written documents with the course?

Yes, most of the lessons have accompanying text documents that include questions, reviews, and even more in-depth information to enhance your understanding.

How can I interact with other learners or seek guidance from Daniel?

Join the user group to post questions and participate in discussions. In addition, one-on-one meetings with Daniel can be arranged at CHF 250 per hour.

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with the course?

There is no refund policy. However, the first lesson is free, so you can evaluate the course content before making a decision.
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