Daniel Dettwiler creates world-class Recordings and Mixing in many different styles of music. His work is respected around the globe for it’s suberb tonal quality and exceptionally large depth of field. Through the years, Daniel has been involved with many well-known artists and ensembles including the London Symphony Orchestra, ECM, Mark Turner, WDR Big Band, Lisette Spinnler, Ute Lemper, and Niki Reiser.

Further creative activities include the Composing and Sound Design of Radio and TV Jingles, Professor of Music Production at the Zürich University of the Arts and the Jazzcampus Basel, as well as Research, Consulting and Sound Installations.

"Daniel is one of the top engineers on the planet."

(Casey Dowdell, Bricasti)

"I was deeply impressed by the clarity of the voice, the depth of field, and just the quality of the recording itself very much!" (Al Schmitt after hearing the Oloid Recording)

"Idee und Klang engineer Daniel Dettwiler does awesome recording and mixing - with such an incredible array of artists. This stuff sounds wonderful!!  So big and open... he's an incredible, amazingly talented engineer."

(Eric Valentine)

 "It’s really spectacular. Daniel has done a fantastic job with the mix!" (Jonathan Allen, Abbey Road Senior Soundengineer)

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