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Daniel Dettwiler

Sound & Mixing Engineer · Tonmeister · Educator
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Ultimate Mixing and Learning Experience

Welcome to Daniel Dettwiler
Sound Engineer / Educator / Composer

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High-End Mixing & Mastering Services

Daniel Dettwiler creates world-class recordings and mixing in many different styles of music. His work is respected around the globe for its superb tonal quality and exceptionally large depth of field.

Through the years, Daniel has been involved with many well-known artists and ensembles including the London Symphony Orchestra, ECM, Mark Turner, WDR Big Band, Lisette Spinnler, Ute Lemper, and Niki Reiser.

Learn from daniel

Audio Production & Mixing Courses

Unlike other engineers who show their skills in their videos, but usually without a pedagogical concept, Daniel's courses are clearly structured and show a comprehensible system of how to analyze and then edit sound.

Daniel has 20+ years of experience as a professor at two universities. Benefit from clear and structured education in combination with hands-on experience as a high-end sound engineer and film tonmeister.
Audio production & Mixing Masterclasses

Online Courses

Engineer Testimonials

Other world-class engineers about Daniel  and his work

Daniel does awesome recording and mixing - with such an incredible array of artists. This stuff sounds wonderful! So big and open ... an incredible, amazingly talented engineer.
Eric Valentine - Queens of the Stone Age, Slash
Daniel Dettwiler is one of the top engineers on the planet. Incredible ears on top of being one of the nicest guys you will ever happen to meet. Much respect!
Casey Dowdell - Bricasti
Student Testimonials

Statements about Daniel's teachings

You absolutely blew my mind, Daniel. Thank you, I will be implementing these ideas in my music.
Saint Luminus
WOW, what a demonstration of musical competence, listening skills and knowledge. I am deeply impressed! And I learned a lot (hopefully;-)
Holger Dehnhardt

After 3 years of university and £27,000 for an 'education' where I have not learned anything from any of those "professors" who claim to have "great experience in the industry", I can honestly say without exaggeration that I learned more in every minute of these videos from you, a truly knowledgeable professional.
3rd Order Audio

I agree with the other comments, this is the best reverb tutorial I have seen on YouTube by a country mile. Thank you, Daniel, time for me to go and do a little experimenting with these techniques.
This stuff is hard to find, even in Puremix there’s little about reverb, leave alone with the gift you have for explaining...
Daniel is a real master!!!!! Huge info there, Daniel is a real master!!!!! Huge info there
Jan Aid
An extremely generous video with an obvious passion for teaching and sharing knowledge. Subscribed.
Jon Griffin
This is gold, man!!
Rafael Elfe

In the Press

Articles about Daniel's work

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Professional Audio

Story about Daniel's iconic Cadac Console
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Sound & Recording

Audio Workshop Deluxe: Article about the 'Sheer Pleasure of Sound' conference with Al Schmitt and George Massenburg.
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Jazz'n more

Portait about Daniel, his recording studio and equipment and sound philosohphy.
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Professional Audio

Story about the Kolsimcha feat. The London Symphony Orchestra, recorded at Abbey Road Studio 1

Who is Daniel Dettwiler?

Sound Engineer | Filmtonmeister | Educator
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